What Overture offers

The Overture methodology has the potential to transform participants’ interpersonal skills.  It’s straightforward in use but requires facilitation and guided practice to truly incorporate into one’s style of communication. The suite of training programs is designed specifically to help employees become more skilled communicators—and in turn more effective team members and business leaders.

Participants gain greater understanding of how their behavior affects conversations, learn to recognize potential pitfalls in communication and apply techniques that engender more collaborative discussions and productive solutions.  A more engaged, versatile and efficient workforce benefits any organization’s bottom line and fosters a culture where anything is possible.

Interpersonal Skills—Learning through practice

In Overture’s training programs, participants spend significant time role-playing real-life workplace situations, reacting to scenarios and practicing specific techniques. Detailed feedback is provided to help participants recognize different communication styles, including their own, and become more skilled in navigating any conversation.  The program’s choice of business problems and how to effectively communicate within these situations creates a thought-provoking but safe setting to consider situations in a new light.

Programs tailored to your needs

We work closely with our clients to tailor each program’s examples, role-playing exercises  and guided practice sessions to the situations most relevant to each organization and its employees.  Overture programs can be taken sequentially or as stand-alone offerings.

Overture Training Programs

Intensive Training Program for Managers

This interactive, half-day program designed for managers who are assuming new roles and responsibilities in their organizations. This program gives participants the methods and skills to engage direct reports, team members, superiors and clients in more productive conversations, and to establish stronger relationships based on mutual understanding and trust.

What’s covered:

  • Effective listening and speaking techniques
  • Building understanding in conversations
  • Recognizing communication styles and identifying effective and ineffective communication techniques
  • Creating results-oriented conversation goals
  • Handling challenging conversations with confidence and finesse
  • Redirecting conversations that go off track

How participants benefit:

  • Identifying and appreciating how communication styles can affect conversations
  • Learning how to clarify the real issues
  • Going underneath the problem to find creative solutions
  • Generating enthusiasm for ideas and building commitment
  • Boosting employee morale, productivity and engagement
  • Maximizing collaboration and strengthening team dynamics

Overture Training for Attorneys

This program is tailored to the law firm and in-house legal department environment. It is an interactive, half-day program designed for attorneys, particularly senior associates who are high potential candidates for partnership at their law firm or promotion at their company. This program gives participants the methodology and skills to engage other attorneys, staff, partners and clients in more productive conversations and to establish stronger relationships based on mutual understanding and trust.  This program is Continuing Legal Education (CLE) accredited.

Overture Train-the-Trainer for Executives

In many organizations, employees learn best from their own leaders.  This full-day train-the-trainer program enables senior leaders to learn the Overture approach and then teach it to their teams in partnership with Overture staff.

Overture Training in Meetings Management

Agile and empowered organizations have meetings that achieve objectives and do not waste time.  Ineffective meetings are frequently cited as leaving employees frustrated and disengaged.  This half-day training session is particularly helpful for new leaders of teams or those in decision-making roles. Utilizing the core Overture methodology, the program provides participants with the skills to decide when meetings are an appropriate vehicle for communication and when they are not. It teaches important strategies for planning meetings, leading meetings and ensuring follow up to optimize team building and productivity.

Overture Training on Performance Management & Effective Feedback

Fraught with potential conflict and legal risk, conducting performance reviews and communicating feedback around poor performance are often the most challenging conversations managers face in the workplace.  Designed to build on the Overture: Intensive Training for Managers program, this half-day Overture program provides managers the skills to prepare for and engage in constructive and effective performance feedback conversations.

Custom Program Designs

For clients seeking more customized solutions—whether to address very specific needs or to ensure integration with larger organizational development goals—Overture can help.  Overture’s founders have extensive experience working with human resources, organizational development and legal departments within corporations and law firms on both targeted and large-scale development initiatives.