• Do your managers avoid addressing performance issues?
  • Are your employees spinning their wheels in meetings that don’t lead to results?
  • Do you have supervisors who lead by intimidation or coercion?
  • Is there a disconnect between what your managers say and what your employees do?

Overture offers leaders another way – one that both protects your human capital investment and leads to greater performance and profitability.

What makes employees successful in one role isn’t necessarily what makes them successful in the next. In a new management role or when taking on new responsibilities, the ability to effectively communicate with team members, superiors and clients is essential for success.

Within the U.S. workforce, the cost of disengaged employees is estimated to be more than $300 billion in lost productivity alone.

– Gallup Report

Overture’s programs train employees, and particularly managers, to engage in conversations with a more collaborative mindset. Program participants learn straightforward techniques to foster greater transparency, understanding and trust. They will gain greater awareness of how their behavior impacts conversations, learn to recognize potential pitfalls in communication and more effectively manage and prevent workplace conflict.

For managers, this results in employees who are more motivated and committed to their jobs, their teams and their organization. For companies, this enhances and sustains a culture of teamwork, engagement and productivity.

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