Good communication skills are not one-sided, but rather, promote mutual understanding of viewpoints and the sharing of perspectives.  It may seem straightforward, but in the heat of conversations, it’s easy to stop listening and trying to understand the other side in order to finish the conversation and move on.  This can particularly be a problem for inexperienced managers, who may feel like they are losing control of the conversation, conceding part of their decision-making authority or showing too much sympathy for their employees if they take the time to explore and understand a different perspective.  Yet this results in a loss of potentially better solutions and opportunities for building trust and commitment.

Overture helps employees orchestrate stronger business relationships — not just conduct business.

Managers that take the time to understand other viewpoints and effectively demonstrate that understanding – even when they disagree – make employees feel valued and trusted. They are also able to more effectively convey their own view and are thereby better able to influence outcomes and gain willing support for a course of action even where there is opposition.

All of Overture’s programs emphasize the critical role that understanding plays in communication.  We show participants how to listen more skillfully, understand more fully and achieve better, more creative solutions. This leads to more motivated and engaged employees and stronger, more collaborative teams that deliver bottom line results.