Sequoia Stalder

Sequoia StalderSequoia Stalder is a recognized expert in mediation and conflict management.  He is an attorney who regularly lectures and teaches in both private and academic settings and has a mediation practice focused on workplace, organizational and family disputes.

Sequoia’s workplace mediation practice helps corporations, government agencies and nonprofits resolve workplace conflicts quickly and confidentially as an alternative to court intervention. His organizational practice guides businesses in designing systems to manage and prevent conflict, and trains executives to develop and hone their communication and conflict management skills. Sequoia’s work focuses on the interpersonal dimensions of conflict and the key role that communication dynamics and ongoing relationships play in mitigating and resolving disputes. He is also a Principal of Stalder Raich, a family and divorce mediation firm in New York City.

Sequoia is an Adjunct Professor of negotiation and mediation at Columbia University’s International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution and a faculty member of the Center for Mediation in Law. He is also the Director of the Mediation Training Institute at New York Center for Interpersonal Development, where his courses are certified by the New York Courts to qualify judges, lawyers and other professionals to serve as court-referred mediators.

As the Director of Conflict Resolution Services at New York Center for Interpersonal Development, a New York State Court-designated Mediation Center, Sequoia guides over 50 full-time staff and volunteer mediators. His organization, one of the largest of its kind in New York State, oversees more than 700 mediation cases annually.  Sequoia also currently serves as a member of the Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee for the New York State Courts.